We are Dave Ramsey Certified Counselors

We are Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselors. So what does that mean? It means that all of RKL Financial’s financial coaches have been trained by Dave Ramsey (not Ramsay or Rasmey) and his staff to do what Dave and his in-house counselors do everyday. The training program is a financial peace university on steroids with a mix of real life coaching sessions. We learn how to coach with money and how to be sensitive to the emotions that are brought into our coaching sessions. We will be honest and tell you the truth in everything that we do. Dave does not just put anyone through his training program. We are background checked, referenced checked, our clients are continually surveyed about our performance.  We alo have to be active in our local church. Dave Ramsey does not just put his name on anything, if you receive Dave Ramsey's endorsement and go through his counselor training you are the best of the best. We are here to serve you and we hope that is evident in everything that we do.  We are not bragging when we say that we are the best financial coaches/counselors in Western New York and Southern Ontario. Even Dave Ramsey would agree with that statement!

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