Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Simulcast on 11/5/2010 in Hamburg, NY – Get your TICKETS now!

To get your tickets you can:

Email: jayruof@verizon.net

Or order them online at www.DaveRamsey.com

The Event is taking place at The Palace Theatre – 31 Buffalo St, Hamburg, NY 14075 on Friday November 5th, 2010.

Take the Next Step in Your Business Career

Here's your opportunity to learn from a master businessman and creative leader. Dave Ramsey will discuss the principles that have guided his organization for nearly two decades. Slowly and steadily, Dave has built his company to over 250 team members, each of whom is dedicated to the mission and values of the organization.

If you study and gradually implement the lessons Dave will discuss in the workshop, you'll not only reach your small-business and leadership goals, but you will also transform your business into a place where people love to work!

Announcing Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership 1-Day Simulcast!

For the first time ever, Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership 1-Day will be simulcast LIVE to hundreds of locations across the country! This event will take place on November 5, 2010, live from Orlando.

This isn’t your ordinary business or leadership conference. Dave will present practical, “nuts and bolts” ways that owners and leaders can take their business to the next level. Throughout this 1-day experience, attendees will learn directly from Dave as he teaches critical business lessons about growing a business and leading a team

See Dave Live!

Join thousands of people nationwide and become a part of this event, simulcast nationwide for the first time on November 5. 

The origins of Dave's Entreleader business principles

Who do you want in your business? Entrepreneurs or Leaders? We asked ourselves that question long ago and discovered there’s actually a 3rd type of person we want to hire and develop… an EntreLeader. This is someone who has the drive and motivation of an entrepreneur, and the strength and vision of a leader.

So how do you develop these types of people? Well… Dave did what he does best, teaches. He started out by pouring himself into his top 3 guys, but quickly realized this information needs to be passed down to the whole team! So he started holding classes once per week for all current and future leadership. As he taught the sessions each week, more and more outside visitors began sitting in. When the guests outnumbered the team members, Dave realized that the world outside his company was hungry for a new way to do business! That’s when the EntreLeadership workshop was born.


If you study and gradually implement the lessons Dave will discuss in the workshop, you’ll not only reach your small-business and leadership goals, you will transform your business into a place people at which people love to work!

How do we know? Because these are time-tested, solid business lessons that have already worked for us and thousands of our clients.

9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

EntreLeadership 1-Day

Dave doesn't just talk about business and leadership.
He lives out these principles every day.

Dave Ramsey will be the first to tell you that he made some bad decisions early in his career. But during those experiences , he learned how to run a business the right way—the biblical way.

Dave learned more than just how to make something and sell it. He learned all the aspects of running a business—the real-life stuff they don’t teach in college—so that he wouldn’t just end up as a statistic in someone’s book on failure. He discovered how to hire and keep champions who are as passionate about the business as he is. And he figured out that neglecting administrative tasks will ruin growth.

Dave is a CEO and successful entrepreneur. He’s not just some guy with great ideas about business and no real-life experience. He deals with the same issues you deal with on a daily basis. These EntreLeadership principles are the same principles he uses to guide his organization every day.

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