Are You Winning With Money?

It's that time again.  Over 2,700 athletes from over 70 countries are in Vancouver to compete against each other for Olympic glory.  Some teams will be big, like over 200 athletes from the US and Canada; and others tiny, like the lone Jamaican and Ethiopian athletes.  Some are favored to win, others are just happy to make the trip.  Obviously some athletes have advantages.  Aside from the obvious (coming from a country with some snow probably helps) some of the athletes have Olympian parents, corporate sponsorships, or the best possible equipment.

All of them will try their best, but in the end there will only be 258 total medals and only a third of them will be gold.   When it comes to our personal finances though, all of us can win. To me, winning with money doesn't mean having the most toys or accumulating the biggest pile of cash.  It means being in control of your finances and knowing your future is secure, rather than living pay-to-pay and letting your money just happen to you.  Yes, some people have higher incomes or come from wealthy families.  But with hard work all of us can become debt-free, save for emergencies and build wealth for our future.

This brings us to another fact about the Olympians in Vancouver right now.  All of the athletes, certainly the ones who do well, have committed themselves to hard work.  They have been willing to sacrifice many things to achieve.  Are you committed to working hard and sacrificing to win with money?  In addition, top athletes have coaches to motivate and spur them on to their best performance.  For you, this might mean finding the right books to learn from, attending a Financial Peace University course near you, or the services of a trained Financial Coach.  Depending on your circumstances, one or more of these could be ideal to help you move to the financial winner's podium!

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