Tax Tips As You Prepare for the 2011 Tax Season

Yes it is almost tax time again! Here are some simple things that you can be doing to make tax time a much easier process for you and your family. Do not forget to give me a call (877-587-3223) in January 2011 to get your tax preparation appoint set up. Remember, we do not make you wait in line, we take individual appointments for specific times to get you in and out a fast a possible.  

I am often asked in late December and early January, what can I do to be better prepared to have my taxes complete. Here are my top 5 answers:

  1. Get a folder and label it Taxes 2010. Everything that comes in the mail related to your 2010 tax return goes in the folder. Even if you are not sure if the item relates to your tax return, put it in the folder and let you tax preparer sort through it. When I am preparing taxes one of the most frustrating things (for me and my client) is when we are missing an item and can not complete the tax return until we have the item.
  2. Get your charitable giving in order (church contribution statements, Goodwill/Salvation Army receipts, and any out of pocket giving). This will help cut down on time when you and your tax preparer are going over your tax return.
  3. Review your tax return from last year and make sure you have all the documents that you had last year.
  4. Get your appointment to have your taxes prepared scheduled early this year. As we have all felt the economic slow down over the last year, I believe that a rush could happen (more than usual rush) to get your taxes prepared (to get your refund faster) from January 15th– February 15th.
  5. If you are not sure about a Federal or State tax rebate or tax reduction program, call your local tax preparer, the IRS or your state’s taxing authority. Having all of your documentation and receipts in order will help to make this a smooth process.

Overall, if you are organized and follow the tips above, getting your tax return prepared should not be a process to cause you any concern. The concern at tax preparation time should be how much money we are giving our Federal and State governments

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