Question for Discussion – Should Student Loans Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

I think that student loans should not be bankruptable. Even though a college student may be naive when they sign up for the loan, most of the time the loan is co-signed by a parent. While the child may not realize what is going on the parent should and step in and say if the debt is to much or if the college major does not have the earning potential to pay back the student loan. Also, the college/university, bank or federal lender should have the responsibility to explain and qualify a student based on grades and major. No, offense to anyone out there but a history major or a women's study major should not be racking up $200,000 in student loans (this is the case that prompted this post).

I also believe that a college education is a privilege and not a right. Even though this is not politically correct, not everyone should be in college or even be trying to attend college. Also, I personally think that no 18-19 kid out there really knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives. We have to move away from our "rights" and look and who can and will succeed in college (privilege). In my family,  while most of us went to college, my cousin attended a trade school, is doing the best financially out of all of us  and owns her own business. I believe this is due to her mom and dad knowing her skills and personality and encouraging her to take a different route than college.

Just remember that you can be a college student without a student loan…. it just takes a lot of hard work!

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