What is Dave Ramsey’s Counselor/Coach Training Really Like?

What is Dave Ramsey's Counselor/Coach Training Really Like?


By Lyndsay King


When you hear Dave Ramsey

what is your first thought? Gazelles, gigantic scissors, envelopes? Well after
finishing the Counselor Training at the Finical Peace Headquarters this week, I
now think of hope! You may ask yourself what hope has to do with anything, and
I would response hope has to do with everything. Every day of the training felt
as if we were drinking from the fire hose of information, but what resonated in
my heart was that these steps direct people to have hope when there seems to be
Over and over I heard
stories and sat down with people who thought it was over, there was no way they
could get out. Then they sat down and followed the steps which created a hope
for a better future. I was privileged to sit down with a couple who were also
attending the training who were at one time over $900,000.00 in debt, and with
the baby steps were almost debt free now! WOW! They said that the only way they
got through it was that they could see hope at the end of the long black
tunnel. This stuff really works.
The instructors are
experts in their fields but truly have a “heart of a teacher.” With over 70
attendees from all over North America sharing their experiences, role playing
coaching situations, and absorbing all the counseling materials, it was a
fantastic week!
The highlight of the week
was observing Dave conduct his daily radio show from the studio. After the show
he came out and talked to us and gave us an opportunity to take our pictures
with him and later we got to have a group session with him. This truly has been
a life changing week and I can’t wait to share it with others as I minister to





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