Are you prepared for financial emergencies?


When was the best time to plant a tree? Ten years ago. When is the second best time to plant a tree? Today. Have you ever been in a situation that catches you so off guard that it knocks the wind out of you, yet requires an immediate response? Emergencies come in all different shapes and sizes and happen even if you are not prepared. Before an emergency hits you or your family, sit down and create an action plan on how you will respond in the face of an unexpected event. When an emergency happens most people are in such a daze that they draw a blank on everything. They don’t have a clue where to start, let alone where to find any information.  They don’t understand their policies, or know how to access financial records. Before something happens, create an “legacy box” containing all your important documents. These are just a few of the documents that you may need at a moments notice: Wills, Insurance Papers, Mortgages, Investments, Bank Accounts, and a list of passwords. For a comprehensive list, review Dave Ramsey’s website, or contact our office. Don’t be caught off guard when things go wrong. A little time invested today, can save hours down the road. Prepare when life is good and you are not overwhelmed by emotion. Don’t keep putting it off, do it today!


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