Saving for Uncommon Expenses!


Saving. It’s a simple word, but hard to put into practice. Many of us only save for big-ticket items like a car, house or retirement. It is not only wise, it’s essential to save for these needs. Let’s face it though; you are not going to be buying a new car or jet setting off to a tropical island every month. You will however, be faced with irregular activities or events from time to time.

The following simple yet costly activities can take a hit on your finances if you don’t stop, plan ahead and start saving for them now. These are just a few of many possible budget busters:

Back To School Shopping

Going back to school shopping can be a great way to get the kids excited about starting back up, but even basic supplies can feel like you are paying tuition. Put away $10.00 a month starting in January, or slowly purchase supplies throughout the year so September won’t catch you off guard.

Snow Tires

Winter tires are a great asset to have when winter starts to hit. Often people don’t think about purchasing them until a foot of snow falls and they are stuck in their drive way. Start putting away money each month no matter what time of year it is so when it comes to purchasing them, you can pay in cash.

Children’s Sports/Activities

Hockey, ballet, music lessons and swimming classes are get activities to keep kids active and busy, but they can also be very costly.  Equipment, fees and recitals can all be paid for if you plan ahead. Start saving months before they start, so you won't have to sell their art work they created to help pay for the class! 

Pet Care & Emergencies

If you own a pet like myself, you know that they are part of the family. Grooming, vet bills and emergency care for a sick pet can easily rack up very quickly. Have an emergency fund for your pet!  


If there is one thing I can assure you of, it is that Christmas is December 25, every year. Start saving for Christmas today! Add it into your gift fund, marked especially for Christmas shopping. Keep and eye out for great deals all year long, that way you can get more for your money.

Since each of us has a unique life style, we will all have different activities to save for. I would encourage you to write down your extracurricular expenses, and then incorporate them into your budget. Figure out how much you will need and then allocate that amount over a set of months, so when it’s time to pay you can hand over the cash.  Saving for day-to-day activities is just as important as saving for those big-ticket items. 

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