Tax Tips for Homeowners & Special Tax Prep Pricing for Dave Ramsey Fans of $75


Tax Tips Easy-to-understand tips to keep more of your money

Homeowner Tax Deductions

During tax season, it helps to think of your home as one giant tax deduction. You can deduct:

  • Property taxes.
  • Mortgage interest on your primary residence and a secondary residence.
  • Certain home improvements.
  • Interest paid on a home-equity loan or home-equity line of credit.
  • Premiums paid for private mortgage insurance (PMI), if you took out a first mortgage in after 2006.
  • Plus much more!



Once you are ready, call my office at 877-587-3223 ext #1 to schedule an appointment. 

I am running a special fee of ONLY $75 for Dave Ramsey fans.  If you have a rental property or run your own business it is only $50 more. Make sure you mention this post when you book your appointment to get the Dave Ramsey special pricing!

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