How To Do Birthday Parties On a Budget!


Birthday parties are a wonderful time to celebrate a loved ones special day. Kids birthdays are especially fun. Recently I was watching a show about parents who threw, over the top, extravagant birthday parties. They hired party planners, spend thousand of dollars on décor and entertainment and who know how much on gifts.  Now I am all about celebrations and parties, but when you are spending the same amount as the value of a car on a child’s 7th birthday party, it is not necessarily the wisest financial move. (Besides what would you do on their 8th birthday?!)

Here are a few friendly birthday pointers:

-Kids Involvement

Since we are always trying to teach our kids smart financial sense, let them know what your party budget is, so they learn how to plan a party on a budget. Take them to the party/dollar store and show them how far your money will take them. It’s a great way to show them how to be creative and learn a life lesson.

-Party VS Competition

Remember it’s a party, NOT a competition. Parents sometimes feel that they have to impress other parents more than the children. Kids can have fun anywhere! Remember it’s a time to celebrate and cherish your child, not a time to blow the bank in order to show off to others how much you love your kids.

-Birthday Traditions

Start creating birthday traditions that your kids will value more than any present.  A special birthday meal, everyone bringing a Bible verse for them for the year, not having to do chores for the day, or dedicating a night to play their favourite game.  Gifts are great, but the memories will be lasting and the best blessing of all!

Celebrations are a time to rejoice and have fun. Take a day to celebrate, not a year to pay  it off!

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