What Should Small Business Owners Look for in a Good Accountant?

It seems in the last few weeks we are seeing a lot of new clients. I think that some businesses (I use chiropractors as the example as we have added two chiropractors to our client list in the last week) are tired of paying a lot for their annual bookkeeping and taxes to be prepared and then just being handed a folder of stuff back from the accountant. Most CPA’s and accountants in our area (Western New York) just get the work done and give you the product. They do not take the time to sit down and walk through what they did or what the numbers are telling them about your business. Frankly, I am tried of that. We here at RKL Financial not only do the accounting and taxes but we offer at no additional cost – business coaching. We will sit down and tell you what the numbers mean and how you can improve your business. Getting you accounting and taxes completed is necessary, but isn’t time you got more from you accountant than just a folder? I know here at RKL Financial we can take better care of you, help your business grow, and do it cheaper than what your old account was charging you. One of the chiropractors that is now a client said something to me that will stick with me for a long time. They told me that when they asked their family, friends and business associates if they had an accountant that they would recommend, everyone said that they did not have any good recommendations and that they would not recommend the current accountant that they were with. They also asked the chiropractor if he finds a good accountant to let them know. We are say to say, that it is time for you to find a good accountant. Give us a try, give us a call at 877-587-3223 and ask for Ryan Loos. We are here to help you succeed in you business even if that means we have to tell you the truth about your good and bad decisions. 

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