What Does Spring Cleaning & Your Finances Have In Common?


With daylight savings in full swing, the days are getting warmer and the snow is disappearing. Now is a great time to get your house in order, on many different levels for the new season!

Spring is a time to start fresh and that includes your house, yard and finances.

While you are doing your spring-cleaning set-aside items (like clothes, shoes, toys, movies, books) that you are no longer using and have a garage sale!  A few hours worth of hard work can bring in extra bucks and de-clutter your house at the same time.

Another idea is to plant a garden. This is a fun activity that your kids can be involved in, that will not only yield fresh produce for you in the summer, but can create quality family time.

Finally don’t forget to review your budget. With the weather improving, and your family spending more time outside, consider areas where you can revise or trim your spending. You may be able to cut certain expenses like your cable or gym membership since you will be spending more time outdoors.  Start this Spring with a fresh outlook, on your life, your relationship with the Lord, and your finances! 


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