Weird Is The New Normal


Have you ever been labeled by your friends or family as being “weird?” Most often we take a comment like that as an insult. Lets face it being weird in today’s society is not socially acceptable.  But I challenge you with the idea that being “weird” can be one of the best ways to live. By setting yourself apart from what the world is doing and focusing your sites on what the Lord says, it will be a guaranteed pay off. 

Dave Ramsey says “Debt is normal, so my goal is total weirdness!” We all know there are people who believe that they will always have a car payment and that there is no way you could ever not have a credit card balance. Now we all know this isn’t the case.  I challenge anyone who is thinking about changing their financial lifestyle to really learn about how this can change your life. Being weird will create security in the form of an emergency fund. It will allow you to rest knowing that there is enough money for each bill because you created a budget that covers all your expenses. It will help open lines of communications between you and your spouse because of the accountability and regular budget meetings. Being weird will allow you to start giving, like you have always wanted to.

Don’t let the fact that this plan is “weird” discourage you from not taking a step in fixing your finances. The fact is, weird is the new normal!

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