Should You Go To College?


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If you tuned into today's radio show, Wi$e Up and Prosper, you might have heard Ryan and I discussing higher education and it's value. More and more young people are heading to college or university and many are ending up regretting the decision later on. Sometimes there simply isn't a job available in their field after 3 or 4 years of study; other times the job that they do end up with isn't one that would have justified going into five figures of student loan debt for.


I understand why most people want their kids to go on to college after high school.  It has long been seen as the ticket to a better job and by extension a better life.  Recently though there has been a lot of discussion about how the university degree isn't as valuable as it used to be.  

Here are some articles that I've come across describing why this may be, or even already is, the case:

John Tamny at Forbes  describes how degrees become less valuable as nearly everyone gets one.

James Altucher details 8 Alternatives to College.  I discussed this on the radio show today.

Is a college degree worthless?  New York Magazine looks at the issue.

What do you think?  Did you go to college or university and find it worthwhile, or not?  Did you drop out (or never start) and yet experience great success?  What would your advice be to a young person graduating high school in 2011?


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