Take Me Out To A Ball Game

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“Popcorn! Peanuts! Ice Cold Beer!” is something you are guaranteed to hear from a vendor when attending a professional sporting event.  Ice cream bars or hot dogs add to the game experience, but can cost you more than price of your ticket.  Recently I went to a Toronto Blue Jays games and realized the ridiculous cost of food and drinks. (Not to mention the booth filled with Jays hats to attract people to sign up for a credit card!)  People can easily get caught up with buying food and souvenirs at the game. For example two fans in front of me spent a couple hundred dollars on beer in just a matter of an hour or two.  So the next time you are going to a game think about these options:

  1. Eat outside the Event

There are always vendors out side of the events who charge half the price for the exact same thing. Consider eating before you go to the game so you don’t get caught up inside.

  1. Share

Sometimes you do want just a little something while you watch the game.  Have everyone in your group pitch in $3 each and splurge and buy a bag of popcorn or candy.  That way you get the best of both worlds.

  1. Bring Your Own

Now some places wont allow you to bring in your own drinks, but most will allow you to bring in your own food. Before you head off to the game, stop in to a dollar store and grab a few goodies.  Bringing your own food can save enough money to purchase another ticket another day!

Going to sporting events is always a guaranteed good time, but make sure your wallet doesn’t strike out! 


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