Lunch Time Therapy

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Picture this with me, its 12:30 on your lunch hour and you have had a long week. You are tired, bored, frustrated and looking for something to brighten you day. You find yourself strolling around a store looking at things that you don’t really need. Next you pick something small up and head to the register. You buy this “time filler” item that will be nice for the afternoon, but in reality it served no other purpose than to put a band aid onto your poor attitude.  Just because I am a Financial Counselor, doesn’t mean that I still don’t have an off day. This week I experienced  this exact situation but thankfully I caught myself before any damage was done. Sometimes shopping can feel like a great escape outlet, when in reality it can do the exact opposite. Next time you feel that lunchtime shopping therapy bug, think about trying one of these options:

1. Bring Comfy Shoes

Instead of slowly browsing around, walk the outer pathways of the mall! Walking can help clear your mind, make you feel better, burn calories and prevent you from buying unnecessary items. Doing a lap or two can make the world of difference.

2. Book Worm

Looking for a distraction? Place a copy of your favourite book or magazine in the back seat of your car. That way you wont even have to step a foot into the store. Enjoy a few minutes of peace and quite.

3. Leave It All Behind

If you do want to browse, but you know a purchase is not in the budget, leave your wallet in the car.  This simple action will elevate the impulse to buy something you may regret.

4. Return Policy

So if you do give in and buy something that you may later regret, just make sure all purchases are returnable!

Next time you find yourself shopping at lunch for the sake of something to do, stop and ask yourself  “is this a LTT moment?” If so drop the shirt and no one will get hurt! 


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