Save Money at the Sink


Attention all people who shave: you are being taken for a costly ride by the shaving product industry. From razors to creams to gels to balms, chances are you are paying too much to cut the hairs on your body.



None for me, thanks.

While I believe the advice I'm going to give you will likely apply to all shaving; I only have experience with these methods in the face and head shaving department. Ladies, if this works well for you, let me know. Otherwise, just share this post with your husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons, uncles and nephews.


Conventional wisdom these days when it comes to shaving seems to be twofold. First more blades means a better shave. It's almost ridiculous how many blades the high end razors are sporting these days. Five, plus one on the back? Wow. What definitely IS ridiculous is the amount of money these things cost. Stopping by my local grocery store, the most expensive by far was $20.99 for only four cartridges.  You know razors have gotten too expensive when they have to be kept behind the cashier for fear of theft.

Can you believe those prices!?


The reason why guys are willing to shell out that kind of cash is that they are looking for a close, comfortable shave. In that quest they will also be willing to spend a bit more for the most advanced gels possible. After all, expensive razors must work best with expensive shaving cream, right?  After all, says Conventional Wisdom, you have to use shaving cream.


Well, what if it was all a racket*? What if shaving cream and the crazy-costly blades were completely unnecessary?


I used to dread shaving. No matter what I tried, I would always end up with a scraped, irritated face. I tried the aforementioned gels and fancy blades (never 5 blades though!).  The only thing that worked even kind of well was let my facial hair grow for a minimum of two days.  I could never shave on back to back days without bleeding all over the place.  No more.


Now I know the truth:  Shaving cream is for suckers.


Think about it, why do you even use shaving cream (or gel)?  It's because that's how you were taught to shave, right?  Have you ever tried any alternative?  This is conventional wisdom at it's finest – knowledge being passed on and on without ever testing or questioning if it is correct.  It's not that your dad or grandfather was trying to trick you – they had been taken by the shaving cream industry also.


Going without shaving cream – just a blade and water – will give you the closest, fastest, safest, and greatest shave you've every had.  And to get it you won't have to break the bank on the rolls-royce of razors.


The steps are simple.  In order to wean your face from it's dependency on lotions and creams, you shouldn't jump right into shaving with water only.  Start with a warm, wet face.  Coming right out of the shower and shaving is great, but not necessary.  Apply baby oil or mineral oil to your face, and shave as usual.  For the first couple of days you might experience more irritation than normal, but that will pass.  After five days to a week, you can stop using the oil and start shaving with just warm water.


A great shave makes me happy.

Your razors will last longer.  I shaved to get the picture you see here, and I'm using the same razor (Schick 3-blade disposable, 8 for $7.49) today, three days after Father's Day, that I used on Mother's day.  I'm tracking to see how long it will last.  Today's shave also happens to be one of the best I can ever remember having.  Zero razor burn or irritation.


I no longer need any after-shaves or lotions to sooth my face, which saves me further money.


Your shave will be better.  Your face will feel better.  Your life will be better – you'll spend less time shaving and less money on useless products.


Make the switch today.  Reject conventional wisdom. Free yourself from slavery to the cylindrical steel can forever!


*  I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Jeffrey A. Tucker, who first revealed this truth to the world.


Have you ever tried to go cream or gel-less when shaving for any length of time?  Are you willing to give it a try?  Why or why not?  Please share this post with all the men whose face you care about!


Originally posted at Bacon Is Health Food

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