Senator Mark Grisanti’s Dilemma (Gay Marriage in NY) A Call to Action


Senator Mark Grisanti's Dilemma


I figured that if Lady Gaga can get in this fight even through she is not living in WNY than maybe I should to. Today is the day that the New York State Senate will vote on the Gay Marriage Bill (if they delay than it will be voted on Monday). It just so happens that one of our local elected officials is wavering on his stance on Gay Marriage. The stance that got him elected is that he would vote against gay marriage. Now under tremendous public pressure he has changed from no to undecided. All that I am asking of you is to contact his office to voice your opinion to him and his staff of how you feel that he should vote on this issue. The time is now to take a stand and tell our elected officials how you feel. A call to action is being issued, will you stand still or follow God and the Holy Spirits leading? I have already place my phone call and sent out my personal email to Mark Grisanti's office, now it is time for you to do the same.


I have told him not to go back on his word, the vow that he made to get himself elected, that he should vote no to legalize gay marriage. I realize that by sending this email out with my opinion attached to it I take the chance at losing business, but I am tired of standing on the sidelines. You know where I stand, now make your phone call and send you email and tell Senator Mark Grisanti where you stand.


Senator Mark Grisanti's Contact Information:



Walter J. Mahoney Building

65 Court Street
Room 213
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716-854-8705
Fax: 716-854-3051


Grand Island

Grand Island Town Hall
2nd Floor
2255 Baseline Road
Grand Island, NY 14072
Phone: 716-773-9600 ext 654
Fax: 716-773-9618


Niagara Falls




Email address:



Ryan T. Loos

Owner & Lead Coach

RKL Financial, Inc.


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