Be Average – The Dave Ramsey Way

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Be Average – The Dave Ramsey Way
Being Average – The current American way means debt. According to the average credit card debt per household is $14,743 with
an average APR on the credit card(s) of 13.44%.  This means the average
American may be paying approximately $2,000 of interest in one year if
they are just making their minimum monthly payments.  36% of respondents
to's survey didn't know the interest rate on the card they
use most frequently!
There is an alternative – Being Average – The Dave Ramsey Way – Be Debt
Free in 7 Years!  Have you heard about "The Total Money Makeover" or
"Financial Peace University"?  These two tools, used individually or
combined, are changing lives.  The average American Family following the
Financial Baby Steps as outlined by Dave Ramsey pays off their consumer
debt (Baby Step 2)in 2 ½ years, having their home paid off (Baby Step 6)
within another 4 ½ years for an average of 7 years until this other kind
of average American has the honor of screaming "I'm DEBT FREE!"  And guess
what, if you are this other kind of average you can do anything –
embracing Baby Step 7 – Saving and Giving and you will have changed your
family tree!
The Financial Coaches at RKL Financial have been trained by Dave Ramsey's
team to help change lives, bringing Financial Peace and Hope to
individuals and families.  With the heart of a teacher we sit with you to
help you navigate your personal financial situation so you and your family
can be an Average American – The Dave Ramsey Way.  Each of our coaches
live these principles, we teach them to our clients because it is a
passion of ours.  We are here to help you be average – The Dave Ramsey
Way.  Please give us a call to set-up your free 30 minute initial
consultation and see how we may help you.

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