Campus Crusade for Christ in is changing its name to Cru.

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Campus Crusade for Christ in is changing its name to Cru. 

By Ryan Loos

You may have heard that Campus Crusade for Christ (CCCI) will be changing its name in the United States over the next nine months. Personally I am not sure how I feel about this. I have read many articles about this and most are saying the words "Crusade" and "Christ" have such a negative feel that they were hurting the ministry from caring out its mission.

"There's only one reason we'd change. We want to do a better job of connecting people to God's love and forgiveness. It's all about helping people experience the good news that Jesus offers."

I am really torn with this and here is why: You want to spread the good news of Jesus without using His name in the title of your organization. At some point in the converstion that you are having with the potential connection (that you are trying to lead to Christ)  don't you have to mention that your represent Christ? Just cruious but in order to lead someone to Christ don't you have to tell them about Christ? Or do we now have a new Christianity where you can become saved without knowing who Christ is or what He did on the Cross for you?

Here is the main question that I want to ask: Have we done such a bad job that in the U.S. it hurts us to use Christ in the names of our missionary organizations? While we may call this a "PR" move or "Making it Politically Correct", I want to ask, did we cause this to happen becuase we as Christians have not done a good enough job presenting Jesus Christ to the United States and the world? Is Campus Crusade for Chirst changing its name to CRU beacuse we have failed to maintain the sound teaching of Jesus Christ and we have failed to show the world the love of Christ that is in each one of us? Leave your comments as I would love to hear what you have to say!


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