How Can An Olive Save You Money?


How Can An Olive Save You Money?

By Ryan Loos

For more than a decade United Airlines has been saving more than $40,000 a year by simply removing one olive from the salad they serve in first class. This point is brought out to demonstrate how something so small as an olive, something that easily could be overlooked, could have such an impact on the bottom line. What little olive does your business have that could be costing you thousands of dollars every year? You might be surprised if you and your staff were to sit down and brainstorm just how many different little olives your business has. Olives that is put to better use could dramatically change things with your business and maybe even allow for some little perks that before were not available.

One olive in my business is toner for my laser printer. I go through about $500-$750 a year in toner. Now that may not sound like a lot but to me I hated placing the order at $129 a toner cartridge. So, instead of buying from OfficeMax, I decided to price it out on Amazon. To my surprise, I found the same brand new toner cartridge for $65.00 instead of $129. This little olive just saved me 50% of my toner cost per year ($250 – $375). What olives can you find in your business budget or in your home budget? The olives may be small but they add up over time!

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