It’s All His!

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It's ALL His!
By Karin DeLaRosa
This is probably the phrase I love the most from all of the Dave Ramsey
teachings.  It took sitting through Financial Peace University two or
three times before it sunk in, not to mention how many sermons that tried
to teach me the same thing.
We don't own our money, or our finances, GOD does.  He has entrusted us to
be responsible in the use of the financial blessing He has provided us,
but in the end it's all His.  Are we treating this gift as a blessing or
has it become a curse in our lives?  I started to ask myself, does my
family honor God with our money?  My husband and I tithe so in some
circles that sounds like a "yes".   But what about the things we spend our
money on?  Are we respecting God with our purchases?  Do we honor God with
the food we buy to feed the bodies He gave us?  What about the new
designer gadget I want, is this purchase a responsible use of the
resources God has provided?
I find myself shopping (and eating) very differently with this new
outlook.  It is a little extra twist on the "need" versus "want" scenario
taught in FPU.  I want to honor God in how I live my life, and that
includes being a wise steward of the gifts He has blessed me with,
including our finances.
Remember, FPU is a LIFETIME Membership – so be sure to get your money's
worth – go back to class or listen to your CD's every so often – I learn
something new every time!


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