Review of QuickBooks Premier – Accountant Edition 2011

Review of QuickBooks Premier – Accountant Edition 2011

By Ryan Loos

First let me say that I have always been skeptical about having to buy the latest and greatest QuickBooks product every year when a new edition comes out. For a long time I was running QuickBooks premier 2008. I have clients that were still on QuickBooks 2004 – 2008 so as far as I was concerned as long as I stayed one year ahead why did I need to spend the money to upgrade. For the last 2 years I was running QuickBooks premier 2010. This was a great product and it did everything I needed it to do not only for me keeping my clients books but also for me as I was keeping my own books on my company. Then I ran into an issue, I started to need to take accountants copies of QB because I could not be onsite to work in thier QuickBooks. My clients were using QuickBooks more and more as I was teaching them the full capabilities of the program. In order for me to take their QuickBooks home or back to the office to work on I needed the accountants version. As you may or may know, in order to take an accountants copy and work in it, the only version of QuickBooks that will allow you to do that is the Accountant Edition. So, after a month of pondering do I really need to spend the money, I finally broke down and bought it. Let me tell you do not buy the product from or a major retailer, go to The copy that I bought there was totally legit, downloadable and saved me over $50 from the price that I was getting quoted from the other places. 

The product does work better than my 2010 QuickBooks Premier. I have yet to find all of the fun little functions, but I was able to easily convert all of my clients files and upgrade the client files to QuickBooks Premier – Accountant Edition 2011 without any issues. I guess time will tell if the new functions will be worth the money. I know that right now I have some happy clients, now that I can take their QuickBooks with me and not have to slow them down with their daily work! I love that accountants copy feature!, Search Local Accountants

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