All Cars Go To Heaven

All Cars Go To Heaven

By Lyndsay King

Car shopping. Two words people either love or hate. I recently found myself in that exact situation. My very first car, a two door, red ’99 Sunfire had hit the point where it would have cost more to fix the problems than the car was worth.  Even though the car is now gone, it has a special place in my heart. All cars go to heave right? 

So I was now faced with the challenge of finding a car. Thankfully I had a car budget saved for months for this very occasion.  With my budget in mind, it was time to go shopping.  (Now to be honest with you, I really don’t care a lot about cars. As long as it goes from point A to point B, has a lot of cup holders and is in budget it’s a winner in my books.) One thing I didn’t realize about car shopping is how overwhelming it can be!  How many kilometers, v4 or v6, gas mileage, warranties, and so much more.  It can be confusing and very costly if you don’t pay attention.

 So here is my advice when car shopping:

  1. Pray About It

I know that seems like a standard suggestion, but prayer works! Before going shopping I asked the Lord  if He would provide the best car for my money and a great sale man. Not only did He provide an amazing opportunity but also our sales man was a Christian and went to our church. The Lord provides in so many way!

  1. Do Some Research

Have an idea of what you want before you go see any cars. Make a list of features you want and don’t want in a car. That way you wont get caught up in the new car smell. Remember there are more car wrecks on the show room floor than out on the road!

  1. Cash is KING!

While I was talking with my sales man (who was a Dave Ramsey fan) I asked him how many cars are leased or financed. I was shocked to hear 99%. Think about that, 99%.  So when I told him I was paying in cash, he was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I get better deal since it was cash, but now there are also no bills coming every month. Cash really is KING!

Car shopping can be very overwhelming and confusing.  If you don’t go in with a plan, cash and some research behind you, watch out because you may be run over!


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