How to Brown Bag it and Save Money!

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Brown Bagging It

By Lyndsay King

It’s quarter to twelve and the buzz around your office is that there is a new sandwich place opening around the corner. The though of a gourmet panini and a fresh summer soup nearly squashes the memory of the lunch you have sitting in your cooler in the staff fridge. 

One of the biggest problems that I find people have in their budget is eating out at lunch. Even if you just pick up a bagel & coffee at a corner deli it can cost you $5. Now think about it, say you eat out three times a week, that’s $15. Each month that is over $60! Even if you cut that in half , that’s a $30 savings.


Most people say how hard it is to not go out with friends at lunch. Here are a few suggestions to help change things up:

-Walk 1/2 , Eat 1/2

Turn lunch time into walk time. Instead of going out to lunch, encourage your friends to bring a lunch from home. Spend half the time eating and the other half walking or exercising.  It is a great time to get active and plus you can still be social.

-Pot Luck

If there are a few of you who always go out for lunch, why not make a small pot lunch. Have each of you take a day a week and bring lunch for all of you. It doesn’t have to cost much and that way everyone gets involved and has fun.

-Share the Fact

Some people just don’t really ever add up the cost of eating out. Why not tell your friends how much it’s costing each of you per month (or better yet per year) and suggest the lunchroom for a while. You would be surprised how many people want to save money!

Everyone needs a break during lunch. Eating out every once and a while won’t hurt at all, but a daily routine of it could cost you big time.  

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