Go! (Your Name Here) Go!

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Encouragement can be a driving  force that helps accomplish a goal. Hearing “you are doing a good job”, that “you can do it” and “keep going” can take you from wanting to quit to finishing strong. This summer I participated in a few races and learned more about determination and encouragement than about physical conditioning. There are points in the middle of a race when you are so tried and all you want to do is stop. Everyone is passing you by and you just don’t have it in you to keep going, but then something amazing happens. Someone from the crowd, who doesn’t even know your name, starts cheering you on.  For a few seconds you hear those words “You are doing great! Nice Work!” and it resets your mind from down and out to “Yes, I can do this!” I saw this simple act done this summer by a guy who had a bright green sign at the side of the road that said “Go! (Your Name Here) Go!” Everyone who passed him saw the sign and couldn’t help but be encouraged!

This is exactly what happens to people who are working on paying down debt.  They start the race strong, they know they have about 18 months to go, but they are pumped. A few weeks into it and they are still going, but start to feel a little pain and slow down, just a little. Seven months later they are getting so sick of paying money to creditors and seeing all their friends buying “stuff” that they start to think, “Is this worth it?”  Christmas time comes around and it’s been almost a year on the plan. They get caught up in a shopping spree, forget the cash system and blow the budget on presents winding them up in even more debt. They were so close to the end and yet so far.

How can we change this? Well encouragement can help! Find people who will be your cheering section and will keep you going strong till the end.  Build a strong group of friends in your FPU class, that way you can all encourage each other on. Encourage your family when they make a vacation sacrifice in the name of paying down debt.  Cheer on your spouse when they do overtime. Jump up and down when you pay off another credit card. If you keep up the momentum in small ways you will find yourself more likely to finish.

If you are just starting your debt snowball, are half way through or just about to finish be encouraged…. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!  

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