Another Tax on Small Businesses – Street Barriers Amherst, NY

All for the Sake of Safely – Really?

By Ryan Loos

After a few accidents in Amherst, NY that involved vehicles driving into buildings, the Amherst Town Council has decided that all new business within a certain distance from a road will have to have barriers installed for the safety of the business' customers. While I do not take lightly the accidents that have occurred, is this really necessary? To me this is yet another tax on businesses by requiring barriers that are not needed. So, much does the average barrier cost? After doing some research it the cost could be between $250-$750 per barrier. Depending on the new code and how fancy the barrier must be, it could get very expensive for a new business to put these in place. Yet, again we are taxing the businesses (even though we keeping talking about needed more new jobs) to the point of stupidity. I know that we all need to be safe and to feel safe when we are shopping or eating at a restaurant but are barriers the answer. Really Amherst, NY is the best you can do? 

Oh and to top it off the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles announced today that if you are going to renew your driver's licenses (which has to be done every 8 years) you do not need to take an eye sight exam (vision exam). All that you have to do is to certify by singing your name on the renewal papers that you can see well enough to drive. Hmmm, one municipality (Amherst, NY) wants street barriers and then we see that  New York State does not want to test your vision in order for you to drive. The only time you have to take a vision test is when you apply at  for your drivers licenses at 16. So you could be 88 and only have had one vision exam. Let's get the vision test back in place and get rid of the barriers. Let's look at the problem and not just do an end around that cost businesses more money. This is just shows how yet again government (Amherst, NY and New York State) is dysfunctional. 

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