Do Kids Really Need an ATM for Christmas?

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Well, it is coming up on Christmas shopping time again. My mother-in-law got her Sears Wishbook and let my three kids go through and circle anything that they wanted for Christmas. I think that every toy on every page was circled by time they got done with the book. 

As my wife and I were looking through to see what the kids had circled, we came across Sears selling a play ATM for kids 3 and up. Now look, I want kids to learn about money as early as possible (my two year old even has chores that he gets paid for – and no that is not child abuse – you work you get paid, you do not work you do not get paid). I have to say that  even this shocked me to the core. Our kids are so commercialized that a bank ATM is considered toy. I just can not believe it. We are already branding our kids into thinking that the ATM is the answer for our money problems. I wonder if this toy also comes along with the ATM Fees and if it allows you to overdraw your account so the bank can collect another fee!

This is one toy that I will not be buying for my kids. I am sure that they will feel deprived when all of there friends are going to their play ATM's to take out fake money, oh wait my kids will have real money because they work and get paid with real money! Parents take a stand and fight this kind of branding in your homes. Take a stand and do not let a toy from Sears teach your kids about money. Like it or not teaching your kids about money is your job and if you do not teach them, I am sure a banker and a credit card company will!

Fine Print: Playgo ATM Machine – looks and sounds like a real machine with 37-pc accessory set. Kids insert the play debt card, then enter their password to deposit and withdrawal play money. Kids can withdraw money only after they make a deposit. Ages 3 and up Price $69.99

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