If I live in Canada, How Can I Buy Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Kits?

We have had a ton of questions, email and phone calls about buying Dave Ramsey products and shipping them to Canada. First, let me tell you that we do ship to Canada. While the shipping can get a little expensive (we do the best we can to get the best rates possible) we do have a ton of Dave Ramsey product available for sale to Canadians. We offer Financial Peace University Kits (for the Financial Peace Classes), Financial Peace University Home Sutdy Kits (DVD lessons included), Total Money Makeover Books, Financial Peace Jounior and we now offer Dave's newest book EntreLeadership.

As you can see we have a ton of Dave Ramsey Financial Peace material in stock. We also can order anything you need that we do not have listed on our website Just give us a call at 877-58-PEACE (73223) ext #1 or email us at store@rklfinancial.com.

Also, we process all of our payments through PayPal. While we do not like credit cards, we understand that Canadians do not have debt cards like they do in the US. We look forward helping you get your Dave Ramsey Products in Canada! A link to our e-store is below. Please feel free to check out what we have in stock. Also, if you are placing a large order (i.e. multiple Financial Peace Kits) give us a call (877-58-PEACE 73223) for special pricing.

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