Lets Define Back to School Shopping!

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No matter where you turn right now you can’t help but notice “Back To School” posters, commercial and not to mention unhappy kids! If you live in Ontario and especially the GTA you know that when the Exhibition ends, summer is officially over. (Insert “Nooooo” here!)

This week my inbox has been filled with back to school flyers for sales. What caught my attention were the amount of companies who have nothing to do with school supplies who have jumped on the bandwagon and use this time of year to sell things. So it made me really think about what is and what is NOT back to school shopping.  Here is what I came up with:




Not Needed

A Backpack

A Designer Purse

New glasses

Designer Sunglass

Musical Instrument

Ipod Ear phones

Bus Tickets

New Car

Lunch Bag

Lunch Money


Magazine Subscription


School Debt


Even though there may be some great deals out there right now, really ask yourself if you need it. Try not to get caught up in having to have everything brand new for back to school, when your old supplies are perfectly fine.  Go back to school, not back to debt.


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