Q&A With Ryan Loos – When you are a saver and your spouse is spender, what do you do?

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It is time once again to post some of the questions that I have gotten over the last few weeks. These questions were emailed to us or taken live during our radio program. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@rklfinancial.com, give us a call at 877-58-PEACE (73223) or leave your question in the comment section below.




Question: When you are a saver and your husband is a spender – how often do you do the work on the budget when he is supposed to be in the lead?

Answer: This is a great question and one that will probably be debated for years to come. My answer is this, while the husband should be the head of the house, each one of us has our unique gifts. If you are the nerd (I am assuming you are as your are the saver) then you need to use the gift that God has given to you and prepare the budget. Here is where we get your husband involved, after the budget is completed on your end, sit down with him and ask him to look it over and see if anything needs to be changed. HE MUST CHANGE SOMETHING IN THE BUDGET. That is one of my rules that has to be followed. Also, buy making him change something in the budget you are getting his approval. While you may never have the husband who loves doing a budget, he can lead you and your family with your help. After all, we are supposed to be help mates for our spouses. I am sure once he knows how much this means to you, he will come around and start to take some leadership in this area. Sometimes we men need a good woman to give us a wake up call!

Question: Does closing credit cards hurt your credit report?

Answer: Simple answer, yes closing credit cards can hurt your credit score. I would question though why are you worried about your credit score? Get debt free and then never borrow money again. Forget your credit score, go and actually pay for things with cash!

Question: How can I get more information about running Financial Peace at our church? (WNY and Canada)

Answer: You can give us a call at 877-58-PEACE (73223), email us at info@rklfinancial.com or go to daveramsey.com

Question: Should I payoff student loans or should I start investing for retirement?

Answer:  I would recommend that you follow the baby steps program. In the baby steps we would have you pay off your student loans first and then begin saving for retirement. Get rid of Sallie Mae!



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