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As you may have noticed, we are now on Twitter. After many years of thinking about this step, I thought that with the launch of the radio program and some other programming coming in the near future it was time. We would love to have you sign up to follow us. You will be getting updates on FPU classes, qoutes of the day from the news that I like to follow, updates when we post a new articles to our blog, and of course I will be adding some did someone really jsut tell me that lines from our classes and radio show calls. I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and some behind the scenes items from my daily activites. I looked forward to hearing from you over Twitter!

Click Here to sign up to follow our Twitter feed. Ok, as you can tell I need to learn some of the Twitter lingo. I look forward to tweeting (did I get that right?).


Also, just in case you were wondering, this does not mean that you will find us on Facebook anytime soon. We are still taking a hard and firm stance on Facebook. I will share with you why sometime in the near future.

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