Review of Quickbooks Mac 2012

Review of QuickBooks Mac 2012

By Ryan Loos


I have a client that does graphic design, screen printing and a few other product lines that are better on Mac's. When I started working with him, we needed to look at a product that would run well on a Mac and still be convertible to Windows (so I could work on his books). At this point, I am not a Mac (Apple) guy (Yes, I am a nerd but an accounting nerd at least!). After doing the research for the client, I found that QuickBooks Mac 2012 was the product that he needed. 

It looked and worked the same from my aspect (as I said before I am not Mac guy). It easy to learn for me and the client. The thing that I loved the most was the how easy it was to convert the file from QuickBooks Mac (Apple) to QuickBooks for Windows and vice versa. I have never had any issues. Even if this client was to leave me for another accountant, he is assured that the next accountant can access his Mac based QuickBooks without any problem. 

Anyway, I would recommend this to a small business that needs goods accounting records and has a few employees. This software can handle it! I have one client that has gross sales of $1,500,000 and 4 employees and QuickBooks Mac 2012 does everything they need, from accounting, invoicing, payroll, credit card processing, accounts payable and inventory tracking.

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