Review of Quickbooks Pro 2012 – 3 – User License


Review of QuickBooks Pro 2012 – 3 User License

By Ryan Loos


I recommended this product to a client the other day. They need to upgrade from QuickBooks (QB) Pro 2008. Everything was fine with their older version of QuickBooks, it was just that QuickBooks seemed to no longer support the QB pro 2008 with updates. Also, we were looking at adding QuickBooks Payroll, some other add ons and had 3 people that needed access to QuickBooks with could be limited by user. 

The update and transfer of data from the older QuickBooks to the new QuickBooks Pro 2012 was seamless. We did not have any issues and all of the data reconciled out. One recommendation that I do have is write down you bank balance, accounts receivable number, and accounts payable number and verify that after the update the numbers are the same. I know that with this kind of technology you should not have to do that but the old school accountant in my still wants to verify a few numbers!

As far as the different users with different access needs, it was a breeze to set that up. The client does not have to worry about segregation of duties or anyone looking at the financial statements that he does not what looking at them. I was really impressed with how the transition has gone from one person inputting information to now having 3 people up and running.

Anyway, I would recommend this to a small business that needs goods accounting records and has a few employees that need to input into QuickBooks. This software can handle it! I have one client that has gross sales of $5,000,000 and 15 employees (3 with access needed to QuickBooks) and QuickBooks Pro 2012 – 3 User License does everything they need, from accounting, invoicing, payroll, credit card processing, accounts payable and inventory tracking.

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