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Christmas Shopping Survival Tips

November 29, 2011

  Running shoes on. Check. Sales flyer.  Check. Cash in hand. Check. Bring on the holiday shopping! The busies shopping time of the year is in full swing. Holiday sales, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Boxing Day, can produce deals that will help your budget. While you are out and about this Christmas season, […]

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Tax Prep Tips for 2012

November 28, 2011

Yes, it is almost tax time again! Here are some simple things that you can do to make tax time a much easier process for you and your family. Do not forget to give me a call (877-587-3223) in January 2012 to get your tax prep appointment scheduled. Remember, we do not make you wait […]

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These Boots Are Made For Walking

November 11, 2011

Subscribe to our Feed Tweet These Boots Are Made For Walking By Lyndsay King I know I have said it in the past, but fall is a fantastic time of year! Not just because of Thanksgiving, the colourful leaves or the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, it is also a great time for fashion. I’m sure most […]

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Does Greed Equal Harmony?

November 7, 2011

Subscribe to our Feed Tweet I really liked this video about greed and harmony. I do not think that you can have both. Greed is a nasty thing that takes us from our families and from our purpose here a on earth. After you are done watching the video, feel free to leave a comment […]

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Should We Bail Out Our Neighbors From Their Debt?

November 3, 2011

Subscribe to our Feed Tweet I was looking for some new material for some of our seminars that other day and I ran accross this video. I loved it! Not only did it address some of the Occupy Wall Street things that are going on, it also addressed entitlement and keeping up with the "Jones". […]

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