Christmas Shopping Survival Tips


Running shoes on. Check.

Sales flyer.  Check.

Cash in hand. Check.

Bring on the holiday shopping!

The busies shopping time of the year is in full swing. Holiday sales, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Boxing Day, can produce deals that will help your budget. While you are out and about this Christmas season, make sure you spend money on things that count. You can easily spend a lot of your blow money on simple little things that can add up. Here are a few money saving tips for when you are shopping:

  • Bring A Snack

You can spend a lot of money on food courts and drinks while shopping. Pack a water bottle and a Christmas cookie.

  • Make A List & Check It Twice

Make a list in order of what store you want to go to and what you need at each store. This will not only save you time from running around the mall, but it will keep you on track so you don’t go spending crazy.

  • Bring your coupons

Some stores issue special holiday coupond. Don’t forget them in the car.

  • Apps

Smart phones now have great apps that can help you find stores in your area that have items on sale, price compare and have couponds. Great examples are ShopCatch, TGI Black Friday.

  • Online Pre Orders

Most deals you can also get online now. With days like Cyber Monday, you can order a lot online. You can even pre-order items and then pick them up at the store the day/week of the sale. If you order things online make sure you check shipping prices. They can really add up!

  • Have Fun!

Shopping (for most) is a great time to find treasures. Pray that the Lord extends your dollars and have a great trip to the mall.

My advice is to enjoy your shopping time, but remember to use cash. You don’t want a merry December to cost you a dreadful January. 

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