H&R Block at Home Deluxe + State 2011 (Retail & Download)

Review of H & R Block at Home Deluxe + State 2011 (Retail & Download)

Over all the H & R Block at Home Deluxe + State 2011 (Retail & Download) does everything it says it can do. From maximizing your tax deductions, looking for extra deduction opportunities, makes sure your life changes are in the return (marriage, kids, etc.),  and will help you get the most back from the IRS as possible. I do find that the questions get a little annoying for a person that knows where to put all the the tax information. With a little patience you will get through all of your W-2's, 1099's and INT forms without a problem and hopefully end up with a refund! While this is a great product if you have a more complicated return or want to be able to talk to someone, I would recommend seeing your local tax preparer. I am not a huge overall fan of H & R Block (especially their store front tax prep locations with people who tax a "class" to prepare taxes) but the software does what is says it will do. Of course make sure you E-file to get you refund faster! You can also take a look at the IRS e-file refund chart for direct deposits by clicking here.


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