New Year$ Change

New Year$ Change

by Lyndsay King


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year! What I love most about the new year is it allows you to start off fresh and get back on track. Most often people start setting goals that include everything from losing weight, to reading more and managing their money better.  If you are one of those individuals that is looking to start off the new year right when it comes to your money, you have come to the right place! 


If you are just starting off focusing on your personal finances or are fully involved in working the baby steps, I applauded you! I want to encourage you today to remember these steps when working on your budget and living within your means:


1. You can do this, all year long!

Most people start off strong and then start to slow down and stop in March and April.  Why not set yourself financial goals (i.e. pay off a debt every two month, have baby step #1 by February) for each month and then have someone keep you accountable so you stay on the right track and keep motivated.


2. Budgets are revisable.

So often I find people make a budget and think that it will be perfect the first time. It will take you at least 90 days to iron out a realistic budget. You will have to add things in, adjust amounts and track out your amounts. Make sure you have monthly or even bi-monthly budget meetings as you start to work things out.


3. Overwhelmed?

Have no clue where to start? First off dedicate all your finances to the Lord. He is ultimately in charge of your money and will help and guide you in the process.  Look at the budget forms we have on our website and slowly review them and start putting in your numbers. If you still think you need help, contact us. Our goal is to help you from start to finish creating a plan that will work for you. We are real people who understand what you need and want to teach it to you so you can intern help others.


Why not start off the New Year with a real change. Make 2012 a year that enhances your financial life forever. You have to take the first step which may be overwhelming but I guarantee it will be well worth it in the new.  From all of us at RKL Financial, we pray the Lord's blessing on you and your family in 2012!

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