Review for TurboTax Standard TY11 (2011) for Canadians by Intuit

Review for TurboTax Standard TY11 (2011) for Canadians by Intuit

By Ryan Loos

Over all the TurboTax Standard TY11 (2011) for Canadians by Intuit does everything it says it can do. Ideal for Canadian couples and families looking to claim RRSPs, donations, medical expenses and more. Improved step by step guidance helps you get your maximum refund–guaranteed. Find deductions with EasyStep Interview and manage the effect of life changes like getting married or a new baby on your return.

We don't need to tell you that more deductions mean a bigger tax return. But maybe we do need to tell you about some of the deductions/credits you're entitled to… after all, you may qualify for any of 400 available to Canadians.

That's exactly what the TurboTax Deduction Toolbox does. With tools like the A-Z Deduction list, it does the hard work for you–and ensures that you don't overlook any items to claim, from medical expenses to tuition to charitable donations.

TurboTax Also Helps Optimize Your RRSP Contributions.

See how different RRSP contribution amounts affect your refund or tax owing with TurboTax's RRSP Optimizer tool. It helps you determine the optimum RRSP contribution amount for you and your spouse.

Then, you can contribute to your RRSP accordingly…and make the most out of your money. If you need help with your RRSP, please check out who we recommend by clicking here.

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