Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University to Stop Shipping FPU Kits to Canada on February 29th, 2012

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University to Stop Shipping FPU Kits to Canada on February 29th, 2012

by Ryan Loos

I have some very personal knowledge of everything that is going on. A little over a year ago I was contacted by the Canadian Government to remove the word "university" from my website (I had reference to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University in Canada) as I was not a registered university in Canada. After many conversations with the Canadian (Ontario) government and with Lampo (Dave Ramsey's company), it was decided that as long as we put some black tape over the word "university" on the FPU kits then it would be ok to continue to sell the kits to Canadians. This was a simple but temporary solution. Unfortunetly, the time limit on that fix has expired and now if Dave Ramsey and his group do not redo the material to remove the word "university" from all of the material in the Financial Peace Kit, it can not be sold to Canadians. While we want Financial Peace to be in every church in Canada, after Feb 29th, 2012 we can no longer sell the Financial Peace kits to Canadians and therefore we can not start any new Financial Peace University Classes using the current Financial Peace Kits in Canada.

If your church still wants to run/offer a Financial Peace Class, there are other options. My Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselors and I can teach our version of Financial Peace and not use any of the banned product. Our seminars are 6-8 weeks longs (Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey is 13 weeks long program) and we also have a "kit" (which includes a Total Money Makeover Book, a Financial Peace Revisited Book, a Cash Envelope system, Workbook, and a CD-Rom with our budgeting forms) that we give to each family unit that attends our seminars. If you are interested in running a Financial Peace Seminar give us a call at 877-587-3223 or email us at info@RKLFinancial.com. We are available to teach our Financial Peace Seminars any weekday or Sunday Evening and Saturday afternoons. We teach all over the Niagara Region and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Also, our seminars are Canadian specific, we take out all of the American info that is currently in the Financial Peace University DVD's.

For your reference here is the email that received from Lampo (Dave Ramsey's Company) on Friday Feb 3rd, 2012

From An Email titled "An Urgent Message Regarding Financial Peace In Canada"

"Thanks for your interest and support of Financial Peace! In 2011, more Canadian families attended Financial Peace classes than in any year in the history of our ministry. And for that, we thank you.

We are excited for what the future holds for Financial Peace in Canada. Unfortunately, after February 29, 2012, we cannot sell the current Financial Peace Memberships in Canada due to government regulations. We're working diligently to create a Canada-specific product, however the process of providing the best and most current Canadian content is taking longer than expected. In the meantime, please order what you need for the classes you've started now, as well as memberships for the classes you're planning to host before February 29!

As a way of apologizing for this inconvenience, we'd like to extend a special offer now through February 29, 2012 on Financial Peace Memberships. This is a limited time offer for Canadian classes only. Call your advisor at 877.378.2667 for information on the discount and for any questions you may have.

Thanks again for your support of Financial Peace!"

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