Review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Counselor Training for a Canadian


By Shaun Somers

Several times a year I have people contact me with questions about what the Dave Ramsey Counselor training in Nashville is like.  One thing I try to be sure to tell or impress upon everyone is, “if you are able to, go!”

The training is excellent, and being Canadian shouldn’t be a deterrent for anyone considering going.  Indeed, the services of financial coaches only be in more demand in the coming years as Canada’s household debt numbers have recently reached and even exceeded that of the U.S. before the financial crisis.

The training days are long but they seemed to fly by.  There is not a whole lot of emphasis on technical details about finances – you are expected to have a good handle on this by having read The Total Money Makeover and facilitated (or at least watched the videos for) Financial Peace University.  That being said, there are lots of chances to ask questions if you need to.   It is very helpful to know as much about the areas in which Canadian finance is different from American.  The two main areas when it comes to Financial Coaching are mortgages and retirement investing.  Mortgages were covered more at training when I was there because it was in 2009 and the housing crisis was just getting started in the States so lots of questions were asked about it.  The better you understand how the Canadian system works the better you will be able to understand what principles the training contains and then apply it up here.

Through the years in the course of my employment I have had to do a lot of training, and if there’s one part of it that I have always dreaded it is role playing.  The Dave Ramsey training has lots of role playing exercises, but I actually loved participating in them and found them to be the most important and helpful thing I did.  You can learn the information about personal finance from many places.   Knowing and sharing info is not even close to practicing coaching while being observed by experienced counselors who’ve helped hundreds of families.  The training gives you clear checklists and material to cover in an order that through experience has been shown to help people.  Once you start coaching you will be able to tweak and customise it to your style but having the foundation – and practice using it – is key.

The only thing about the training that might surpass the role playing training would be the access you have to some of Dave Ramsey’s counselors as teachers.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions in class, as I mentioned, but there are also mealtimes and other informal chances to pick their brains about what makes a good counselor.

Whether you’re hoping to help in ministry at your church, in a community organization or even do coaching for profit as a business, you will not regret taking the Dave Ramsey Counselor training.  When I was there I was told there’s almost always at least one Canadian attending.  I happened to be the only one at the training I attended, but in no way felt I was at any disadvantage; to the contrary I was warmly welcomed by all.

Anyone with more specific questions about the training is always welcome to contact me at or by phone 1-877-58-PEACE ext 2.  My passion is helping people – so helping people learn to help other people is a joy!

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