Review of TurboTax Premier + E-file + State 2012

Over all the TurboTax Deluxe Federal + E-file + State 2012 does everything it says it can do. From maximizing your tax deductions, investment cost basis, 401(k) maximizer, enter Rental informaiton, Small Buisness Schedule C help and will help you get the most back from the IRS as possible. I do find that the questions get a little annoying for a person that knows where to put all the the tax information. With a little patience you will get through all of your W-2's, 1099's, rental info, small buisness info (shceduel C) and INT forms without a problem and hopefully end up with a refund! While this is a great product if you have a more compliacated return or want to be able to talk to somone, I would recommend seeing your local tax preparer. For most people the price is right for the TurboTax Premier Federal and State 2012. Of course make sure you E-file to get you refund faster! You can also take a look at the IRS e-file refund chart for direct deposits by clicking here.

* Price includes federal E-File 
* Overall, probably the best tax program there is  
* Deluxe version can do a Schedule C for the self-employed – but it doesn't provide as much guidance as the Home & Business edition 
* Claims "100% guaranteed accurate calculations"

* Not perfect (but how can US taxes ever be perfect)? 

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