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We here at RKL Financial have noted over the years that our clients are asking more and more for us to review their life insurance policies (cash value life insurance, whole life, variable life and term life insurance.). At the request of Dave Ramsey we are not licensed to sell you any of these products or provide advice on these types of investments. Even with this requirement from Dave Ramsey we still want to provide the best possible service to our clients when it comes to investing. We have also realized that our clients love the fact that they know that we will not attempt to sell them any life insurance or investments during our appointments. We work on a fee per appointment basis.

With the spirit of a fee per appointment (therefore not selling you any financial products) we have partnered with our Endorsed Providers (EP's) for Investing to provide you with Life Insurance Reviews for FREE! This means that you can see the best Financial Advisors and not be worried about what they are going to try to sell you. They will give you an honest opinion of your life insurance without any pressure to buy anything additional. 

Insurance Review & Analysis

  • This is free service that RKL Financial is offering to our clients.
  • Clients will receive a one page report explaining what they own and recommendations to what they should have.
  • Currently RKL Financial introduces EP’s in areas where they are licensed to operate. As most EP’s are compensated through product sales by the companies they represent, RKL Financial has created a new avenue for people looking more to a second opinion rather than product implementation.
  • RKL Financial will facilitate the entire process through introduction and process monitoring. A satisfaction survey is completed by the client upon the delivery of the review, and we will offer a satisfaction guarantee for the service provided


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