Personal Coaching

Financial Coaching is about teaching. Our job is not complete until you fully understand your situation and the direction in which you need to work in order to meet your goals.

Immediate Benefits of Financial Coaching:

  • Get out of debt (everything but your home)- without buying whole-life (cash value) insurance, investments or computer software!

  • Develop a plan for your income each month (most people don't have a plan for their most powerful wealth-building tool).

  • Our team will help you determine your insurance needs: home owners, auto, life, disability, health, etc.

  • Having problems making your mortgage payment or you want to purchase a home? We will assess your situation and develop a plan with you based on your specific needs.

  • Will you be able to retire comfortably? You will receive retirement projections based on your goals for the future, developed with our help.

Financial Counseling/Coaching Packages:

Debt-Free & Crisis Includes anyone with consumer debt or financial crisis. We will help you develop a spending plan that works, debt-elimination plan, and triage specific needs (unsecured creditors and bankruptcy, etc.).

Pre-Marital – If you are engaged or newly married and you want to learn how to: communicate with your partner about money, establish a plan for giving, saving and spending, start your marriage off on the right foot, and plan for the future by setting financial goals together.

Staying Debt Free – For those out of debt (except your home), wanting to fund retirement and your children's college education. Your planning includes investing and college funding strategies, will, basic estate planning, etc. as well as how to stay debt-free (auto-replacement, ect.).

Wealth Building – You're debt free and have already begun to build your net worth, but need help with planning your future. We will help you build/review your comprehensive plan including insurance, will and estate planning, investing college funding, and other life issues (starting a business, home move-up/down, rental properties, etc.).

If you are ready to take the next step, contact us for a free 30-minute planning session at 716-200-9359

As with any RKL Financial coaching program, we do not sell investment or insurance products (and we can’t stand gimmicks, either), so you know you’ll be getting the honest truth and honest accountability you need to continue realizing your goals.

Here are our Biblical Based Financial Principles.

Please also take the time to review our BABY STEPS program, that we utilize with every financial coaching client.

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Please keep in mind we don't try to fit each customer into a certain program. Each of these programs is designed with our customer in mind, and the financial plans we develop will vary with each client's individual needs. We will insure we understand your detailed needs and concerns before we devise your specific plan. Please let us know the details regarding anything you would like to cover before we meet and we'll make sure to include that information in our services.

Financial Counseling/Coaching Policies: 1) If you are married, both spouses must commit to, and take part in, all scheduled counseling sessions.  2) If you are single you must have a financial accountability partner attend your coaching sessions with you. 3) Appointments may be rescheduled upon one full business day’s notice.