A Few Words from some of our friends at RKL Financial…

Hey Ryan.. Just wanted to send a quick thank you your way.. We are so close to being debt free and without your coaching and support we'd still be buried! We are anxious to get our 2012 taxes down and wipe that tax debt down!!!!.. At that point we are determined to be left with only a car payment!!!.. Only 1.. AND that won't last long!.. Total gazelle intensity!.. We just wanted you to know how you have changed our lives through your knowledge and support.., thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Laurie & Chris from Orchard Park, NY

"I want to thank you for the time and effort you've put into this report! I feel like for the first time in my life, I will have control over our finances instead of them having a hold over me." 

Kim from Burlington, Ontario

"Meeting with Lyndsay King from RKL Financial was the best financial decision we've ever made. Even though we thought we had a 'budget', every
month we were spending more than we were making and were on a dangerous downward spiral with no end in sight. We had been praying for God to bring something, or someone, into our lives to help us. With nothing to lose, and to be honest, not much expectation, we decided to make the callto RKL Financial for our free consultation. Are we ever glad we did!

When we first spoke with Lyndsay, we both felt a burden lifted from ourshoulders as we were finally going to develop a plan. With sound financialprinciples backed by time-tested values, Lindsay coached, encouraged, prayed, and worked diligently with us to help us live within our means, attack our debt, and develop new spending habits to get our finances back on track; all, amazingly, without greatly impacting our lifestyle.

Lyndsay's commitment to our financial goals has been evident throughout the entire process. From the first call, to the Skype meetings, to the follow up phone calls, Lindsay has been great!

We highly recommend RKL Financial and Lyndsay King to help you on you rroad to financial recovery. They may be the answer to your prayers too."

-Paul & Nadia from the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario (Richmond Hill, Ontario)

"Thanks so much Ryan.  You were a HUGE help to us.   I will never stop recommending people to you.  I am so grateful for all you did for Mary and I.  Your incredible help got us in a position where we may be able to survive the next few years…even though my income may drop off significantly. I am so thankful for you."

-Neil & Mary from Amherst, NY

"I am doing really well.  I have been so busy but I will email you tomorrow and let you now when I can book my next appt with you. I love my budget!!! LOL"

-Diana from Toronto, Ontario

"My husband and I completed FPU in December.  We talked with you and took your advice to pay off our vehicle next ahead of the house.  In four and a half months we paid the balance and knocked sixteen months off of payments.  We made the payoff and will recieve the lien release this week.  We feel this is quite an accomplishment, and friends and relative are asking us how we did it.  We didn't go out to eat very often, and kept track of our expenses and cash purchases. On to the next challenge……….our house will be paid off in about a year.  Thank you so much for your time and expertise.  I highly recommend the class to anyone who can make the time and effort."

-Susan from Hamburg, NY

"Congratulations on the radio show…how exciting for Western New York and you.  I knew from the day you met with me and my husband, you were a financial angel going to make a difference.  Good luck and our prayers are with you.
-Karol & Paul from Tonawanda, NY
"I hate being a slave…..a slave to too many lenders.  I thank the Lord and you for helping me to have a plan to be debt free one day.  We have a group of 3 families that are working hard to be debt free and not a slave to any lender anymore!!!!!  Thanks for your diligence and following the Lord in your work!!"
-Ben & Michelle from Lockport, NY

"Thanks again for everything.  Yes, FPU and the Total Money Makeover really do work!  The little victories have added up to a ton of hope and, yes, PEACE!"

 –Agnes from Lancaster, NY

"I sat in your course last year (Kingdom Bound 2009). You changed my mind on how I should handle my finances. This year my son and his wife are here to listen!"

 –Jan from Sugar Run, PA

"The FPU class that you ran has changed our life and saved us from what would have been a disaster. When Laura and I first got to your class we ere all sorts of backwards with some things and we really got a great plan and back on the right track with your help. I don’t know where we would be right now if it was not for your class. We are doing well, I find it a little odd to say that considering that I was laid off at the end of January, but the skills that we learned in FPU have made it possible to get through this time."

 –Josh & Laura from Alden, NY

“We are thrilled to tell you that we are less than $1,000 away from being completely debt free – and will be in just a few weeks! (We can’t wait to call Dave and shout it out!) Our money envelopes are keeping us honest and focused. We cannot tell you how happy we are to be joyfully tithing again. We have even taken some money out of various envelopes in order to start a “missions” budget, above and beyond our tithe, to fund special projects we feel that God is calling us to support.”

“It is so exciting to share our transformation with other people we know. We have gladly recommended your services to our friends and family. We think of you often and we pray for blessings on your family and business that are, “A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.” (Luke 6:38)”

  -Steve and Yvonne from Kenmore, NY

“I have to say that today is the first time that I really and truly felt the power of the emergency fund. My truck died yesterday in the middle of a trip home. My truck has a warranty but this major fix was not covered by that warranty. The repair bill was $250 and I was able to pay that IN CASH instead of relying on the emergency credit card! That felt SO GOOD! Thank you again for helping me get to where I am and encouraging me to continue!”

  -Angel from Niagara Falls, NY

"I’m confident Cris and I would not have made half of the progress we’ve made without your level headed guidance.  Life seems so much different than it did months ago when I emailed you out of broke desperation. We are enormously grateful for your help."

   -Steve & Cristina from Greece, NY

"Ryan Loos and Financial Peace are wonderful! Thru Ryan Loos’s Financial Peace group classes and personal financial counseling with RKL Financial, I became debt free, using a personalized zero based budget, cash envelope system, a 3-month emergency fund, and improved financial peace.  I am very grateful for Ryan Loos’ invaluable professional help."

    -Mary from Clarence, NY

"Thanks to Ryan Loos and RKL Financial my financial situation has stabilized and for the first time ever in my adult life, no Christmas presents went on credit cards! All purchases were made with cash! Thanks to my new part-time job that Ryan recommended I am incurring no more debt!!! Thank you again for all your help!"

    -Gail from Buffalo, NY

“I recently was laid off of work as we had seen a virtual stoppage of sales in our department. Others were laid off as well, but instead of getting down on myself, when my manager told me I wasn't really upset. I have been following Dave's plan with help from Ryan Loos for quite some time now and my debt is paid off. I built up enough cash reserves to pay for all of my expenses for the next few months, and so instead of being desperate and taking any job I can, I am now able to find the right career for me. Even with my wedding coming up in May, I am not panicking.”

     -Brian from Buffalo, NY

"We found Ryan Loos through Dave Ramsey's website and didn't hesitate to sign up for his Financial Coaching package. Ryan sat down with us and went line by line through our finances and then offered his suggestions on how to achieve our goal of becoming DEBT FREE and living on a budget. We are now in our third month of using Ryan's teaching and things are going great!! We are well on our way and can't wait for FPU to really help us get intense. We have recommended Ryan to several of our friends and can't stress enough how much his work has changed our lives! Money fights are a thing of the past! Sleepless nights are gone forever! Thank You Ryan!"

    -Sean and Melissa from West Seneca, NY

"Thanks to the very clear and precise step by step instruction in Dave Ramsey's "The Total Money Makeover," book and the "teach by example" approach of RKL Financial, we've finally been able to identify our financial downfalls and to plan positive steps to repay debt once and for all! We are so excited to be able to say that after 30 plus years of "marital money wars" we are well on our way to our own Financial ( & marital) Peace!"

   -Dave & Darlene from Ridgeway, Ontario

“We enrolled in Ryan Loos’ course focusing on reducing debt and increasing financial stability because our finances seemed out of control. We were very satisfied with the course and learned new ways to save money, improve the distribution of our resources and we actually were able to get our bills paid on time and have money left over. We recommend that others consider Ryan’s counseling to resolve their financial problems.”

     -Bill & Jane  from Lancaster, NY

"My name is Kim; I am a single Christian mom in Queens NY. It was truly a blessing once I found out about the Financial Peace being conducted in my area. But after starting the class the enemy began to attack very hard in my financial life. I became very discouraged and wanted to hang up the program. I called the 800 number for Dave Ramsey in tears and the representative gave me Ryan Loos' name and number. He first just listened to me then encouraged me to the point where I had to look up and get on the ball. I sold some jewelry and paid off a bill and it was the best feeling so different from anything I have ever felt. It was like one chain link being cut away to be freed from the slavery of debt. I thank God for Ryan’s patience and encouragement. He, Dave Ramsey and staff have helped me to hurdle a step towards Financial Peace. Hunger to be financially free!"

    -Kim from Queens, NY

"Ryan Loos and RKL Financial has allowed me to look at my present financial state in a realistic manner. Finances no longer control me but rather I control my finances." 

   -Amanda from Depew, NY

“Taking Financial Peace now five years ago I can personally say it has improved our financial standing and has brought a daily purpose and future direction to our finances. I would recommend Financial Peace and RKL financial coaching services to you. It is well worth the investment.”

    -Dr. Christopher Baldwin – Lead Pastor, The Vine Wesleyan Church