Endorsed Providers

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Canada    Or    New York

Expert Advice and Reliable Service
You'll be amazed by the level of advice and customer service our Endorsed Providers (EPs) provide to our clients.

Safe, Secure and Trusted
Your information is protected and is never sold to anyone outside of our EP program. We value your trust and do not sell any of your contact information, nor would we or our EP's ever disclose any of your information.  

Educate Yourself
Ryan's and RKL Financial’s endorsement is never bought, it has to be earned. We have taken the time to build not only professional relationships with them but friendships as well.

Why Use an EP?
We've made sure our EPs  have the heart of a teacher and that they will provide best-in-class customer service. Our EP's are background checked, reference checked (professionally, personally and with current and former clients), we also talk to their pastors and family to make sure that they are actively involved in their church. Also, they must believe and practice the same biblical based finance that we teach and that aligns with Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Program.

We have EP's for the following categories:

  • Investing – Save and Build Wealth for you future!
  • Real Estate – Buy or Sell your home faster and save money on the commission!
  • Life Insurance – Get a fair price on good term life insurance.
  • Long Term Care Insurance – If you are over 60 or have parents over 60 you need to start researching long term care
  • Home, Auto and Commercial Insurance – Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Accounting & Tax Preparation – Help your business prosper and get as much back from the government as you can!
  • Attorney – Everyone needs a great attorney.
  • Payroll Processing– Save money and work with a great payroll company.
  • Mortgage Broker – get the best rates and the best mortgage for your situation.
  • Merchant Services– We Don't Like Credit Cards but we know that most business take'em, at least get the best deal!

Become an EP
We're always looking for the best people who think like Ryan and RKL Financial to help serve our clients. If you are interested in becoming a part of our EP program please send us an email with your questions and contact information.